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Founded in New York City in about 1910, Effanbee was a pioneer in the doll industry. The founders were Fleischaker and Baum. One of the most popular early dolls they produced was Patsy. This doll was the first doll to resemble a real child, have companion dolls made for her, and to have a wardrobe and her own fan club. In 1934, they introduced the first drink and wet doll, which was known and loved as Dydee Baby. In 2002, the company was saved from bankruptcy by Robert Tonner, who purchased it, so we can look forward to a continuance of new dolls in the future.

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Little Miss MacIntosh

Little Miss Macintosh is item number E8-EBDD-01 from Effanbee’s 2008 collection for Robert Tonner. She is 19 inches tall and has a vinyl head on a shoulder plate and ¾ length vinyl limbs. Little Miss Macintosh was sculpted by Ann Timmerman and is from a very limited edition of only 200. Miss Macintosh has brunette hair with a tiny hint of red and blue stationary eyes with delicate lashes are sure to warm your heart. She comes wearing her white cotton blouse trimmed in green satin over her green floral-checked pint jumper. She also wears white bloomers, white socks and white Mary Jane shoes. She comes to you new in her original box that she has only been removed from for these photos with her wrist tag, and gold metal Effanbee Heart.

Price $109.99 Sold


Grand Finale

Patsy Joan Grand Finale is number V726 from Effanbee’s 1998 Limited Edition collection of 1600 pieces. Patsy Joan is 16” and all vinyl with joints at the neck, arms, and legs. She is wearing her dark green felt jumper and matching jacket and hat with white snowflakes, sequence and lace trim. She has blue open close eyes and brunette shoulder length hair. She comes to you in her original box with her certificate. She is in very good condition, though there is some shelf wear to the box as shown in the photo.

Price $69.99


Ice Dancer

Patsyette Ice Dancer V618 is a part of Effanbee’s collection which we think is from 1996. She is about 9 inches tall and all vinyl with joints at the neck, arms, and legs. She has painted features including brown eyes and auburn grooved hair. Ice Dancer is wearing her original skating outfit of a ivory satin skate dress with cape trimmed in faux fur, sequince, and pearls. She also wears tights and adorable little lace up ice skates. She comes to you in good displayed condition with her wrist tag and metal heart shaped tag. We do not have her box.


Price $19.99


Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom was made in 1983 by Effanbee. She is a lovely 13 inch all vinyl doll with joints at the neck, arms, and legs. She has black hair and brown hand painted eyes. She is wearing a coral colored dress under a white apron that has embroidered seedlings at the hem. She has coral colored sandals and is holding a little coral colored rose. This doll has a paper hang tag, but I believe it is actually for her brother Little Tiger. The doll is in good condition, and we will include the stand with her.


Price $12.99


Baby Butterball

Baby Butterball was made by Effanbee. Her neck is marked Effanbee 1969, as well her her back. She is about 12 inches tall and all vinyl with joints at the neck, arms, and legs. She has blonde rooted hair and green open close eyes. This little girl is in very good played with condition and appears to be wearing her original red outfit and even still has her silver paper heart tag tucked neatly in her diaper for safe keeping.

Price $19.99

Petite Filles Baby

I believe this cutie is from Effanbee’s 1981 Petite Filles collection. The back of her neck is marked Effanbee 1981 and she is about 18 inches long with blonde rooted hair and blue open close eyes. They painted the lashes on the doll upper and lower, and did not give her any “real” lashes. She has a vinyl head and ¾ length vinyl arms and legs on a soft cloth body. At one time, she cried, but her box has given out. She comes in her original blue dress with matching bonnet and white tights and white lace up shoes.

Price $17.99


This cute little 10 inch doll is Punkin by Effanbee. She has honey blonde hair in doggie ears tied with pink satin bows. She has open close blue eyes with molded lashes. She is wearing a very cute little pink and white gingham sundress with a scalloped hem and embroidery work with matching panties. She is in very good played with condition.

Price $14.99

African American Punkin

This cutie pie is an African American Punkin doll by Effanbee. She is about 10 inches tall with joints at her neck, arms, and legs. She is in very good condition and I believe she is wearing her original outfit.


Price $14.99

Snow Queen
Storybook Collection

This is Snow Queen from Effanbee's Storybook Collection.  She is about 11 inches tall with blue open close eyes that work perfectly, and icy gray blue long hair.  She is wearing a long lacy dress with a feathery boa (this does shed).  She is very pretty.

Price $34.99


Tooth Fairy
Once Upon A Time Collection

Tooth Fairy #9125 is from Effanbee’s 1985 Once Upon a Time Collection. She is about 13 inches tall and has blue open close eyes that work perfectly with all her lashes. Her hair is rooted platinum blonde with a wisp pulled up on top and tied with a lavender bow. She is wearing a lacey white footed onesie with pink satin ribbons at the ankles with little bells and also a lavender satin bow at her neck. She has tulle around her wings. She carries her little purse with a penny inside (inflation is outrageous huh!) She comes to you with her wrist tag in an Effanbee box, but someone has crossed out Mrs. Santa Clause and written Tooth Fairy.


Price $29.99


Baby's First Birthday

From the Baby's First series, Baby's First Birthday was only made for one year.  This baby is wearing her complete original outfit and is in excellent condition.  She is 18 inches long with big blue open close eyes.  She must be a very happy baby on her special day because her crier does not seem to be working.  Still a wonderful doll that is not easy to find. 

Price  $29.99




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