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We are so happy to add our newest dealership!  Molly P dolls are a relatively new company that is sure to make a huge splash.  Their goal is simple "to create an affordable, exceptional quality, vinyl play doll."  The dolls are crafted from the likeness of real children by talented sculptors who capture the magic and detail in each doll. Each of the 18 inch dolls weigh about 2.8 pounds and are weighted in just the right places to make the babies feel real.  New for 2008 are some 9.5 inch dolls, as well as some 13 inch dolls.  The clothes for all their dolls are absolutely amazing!  We have several outfits that can be purchased separately on our  Supplies page.  They have lots of details, with embroidery, lace, pleats, and smocking on very nice material.  Once you hold one, you'll be back for more just like us!  We have lots of pictures of each of these dolls, but have only listed one so as to not bog down anyone's computer!  If you would like additional pictures, just email us and we will be happy to forward more to your email!

All the dolls on this page come to you new in their original boxes.




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