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Marie Osmond

New Marie Osmond Alyssa Blue Doll Kathy Smith Fitzpatrick Alyssa Blue was sculpted by Kathy Smith Fitzpatrick for Marie Osmond. She is about 16 inches tall and has a porcelain head, shoulder plate, below the elbow arms, and 3/4 length legs on a cloth body. Alyssa has blue stationary eyes and very dark hair. She is wearing a beautiful pale blue dress trimmed in white lace with a matching bow in her hair. She has white lacy tights and white Mary Janes. We are authorized Marie Osmond retailers and your doll will come to you new and never removed from the box with all her paperwork. Retail price was $109.95.

Price $89.99


Sophie and Her Bru
Georgetown Collection

Sophie and Her Bru was sculpted by Pamela Phillips from the Yesterday’s Dreams Collection for Georgetown Collection. Sophie is about 18 inches tall with a porcelain head, shoulder plate, arms to the elbows, and legs to above the knees on a cloth body. She has brunette hair gracefully pulled up in a bun and adorned with silk flowers. Bru is about 6 inches tall with a porcelain head, shoulder plate, and arms and legs to the elbow and knees on a cloth body. She has hand painted hair and facial features. The back of Sophie’s COA reads “Ever since she was very small, Sophie has dreamed of having a Bru doll all her own. Now that dream has come true. And the precious Bru doll she holds in her arms has all the charm and elegance for which these famous French Bebes were known. Sophie and Her Bru is the newest work in the Yesterday’s Dreams Collection. This is the very same collection for which Pamela Phillips was awarded the prestigious Doll of the Year award,. And, of course, Sophie has all the beauty and artistry only the finest porcelain collector dolls possess. With her wavy hair and delicate complexion, Sophie is the perfect picture of a real Victorian child. Her lace-trimmed dress and high-buttoned shoes are delightfully authentic. And her Bru doll is a meticulously detailed porcelain sculpture, created by Pamela Phillips as a nostalgic reminder of these classic 19th century dolls. As a mark of Sophie’s status as a Georgetown Artist’s Edition, your doll has been crafted by hand to Pamela Phillips’ exacting standards. Sophie and Her Bru is issued in an edition limited forever to 100 firing days. In the tradition of heirloom-quality dolls, Sophie and Her Bru is individually hand-numbered and bears Pamela Phillips’ signature. Sophie and Her Bru…two delightful little friends… yours to treasure forever and ever! Sophie and Bru come to you in the original box with her COA, wrist tag, posing instructions, and thank you note. Her box is not in the best of condition but has done a wonderful job of keeping Sophie in nice displayed condition. She will come to you double boxed.

Price $79.99


Black Denim
Gloria Vanderbilt

This is Gloria Vanderbilt’s Black Denim 18” porcelain doll from the Runway Collection. She is number 0653 from a Limited Edition of only 1000. She has blonde hair pulled up in a fancy up-do with feather accents and blue hand painted eyes with tiny delicate lashes. She is wearing a very fancy outfit consisting of black denim pants, a long black coat, and a sequence scarf and top. The COA says “Multitalented Gloria Vanderbilt has had success as an artist, designer in fashion and home furnishings, and as a best selling author. Dolls have always fascinated this remarkable woman as she believes that we project onto them our hopes and dreams. I a doll we have proof of an ideal made tangible. To possess a doll reaffirms our own feelings of self-esteem. We may add to our collection of dolls as our feelings about beauty and style develop, but the dolls we already have remain constant and unchanging, forever enchanting. Ms. Vanderbilt, well known for creating a successful line of designer jeans, introduces “Black Denim by Gloria Vanderbilt”, the first in her new Runway Collection of 18 inch full porcelain fashion dolls. It is a limited edition, hand numbered on the back of the neck, where Gloria’s personal signature mark is also inscribed in 18 kt. Gold. This doll comes to you in her original box with her wrist tag, COA, and paperwork.


Price $69.99


This little sweetie is about 25 inches long and made to be in the sitting position with a porcelain head, shoulder plate, almost ½ length arms, and ¾ length legs on a soft cloth body with an armature for easy posing. She has very pretty brown eyes with delicate lashes and a slightly open mouth. Her ginger colored hair is pulled up in tiny little pig tails and tied with peach wired ribbon. This little girl is wearing a peach and white gingham seersucker romper set with tiny hearts and stars in the print. She wears cream colored lacey socks and black Mary Janes. I’m not sure what the original sculpt name is, but the maker’s mark on the back of her neck says Tillie 97. She is a very cute little doll!


Price $49.99


Porcelain Doll on Scooter

This very cute doll comes in her box with her scooter which is made of wood.  She is wearing her cute little school outfit.

Price $24.99

Little Red Riding Hood
Seymour Mann

Little Red Riding Hood has her basket of flowers to take to Grandma’s house. She is about 10 inches tall with a porcelain head and ½ length porcelain limbs on a cloth body. She has long dark wavy hair and brown stationary eyes. She is wearing her traditional red hooded cape over her blue and white gingham dress trimmed in lace. She comes with her stand, basket, paper wrist tag, COA, and registration card all neatly packed in her original box.


Price $12.99

Musical Porcelain Doll
Collectors Choice

This very sweet little doll was made by Collector’s Choice. She is about 8 inches tall in the seated position and her head, ½ length legs and arms are made of porcelain on a cloth body that has a music box inside. The song the music box plays is “The Impossible Dream” and it works very nicely. She has auburn wavy hair and brown eyes and is wearing a sweet little satin dress with sheer organdy overlay on the skirt and across the bodice and at the sleeve hem. She is a very cute little doll and has her wrist tag attached.


$12.99 Sold

Ashton Drake

Keisha is a beautiful little African American doll sculpted by the British talented artist Linda Worrall for Ashton Drake in 1997. She is about 10 inches tall in the seated position. Her head, and ¼ length arms and legs are porcelain a cloth body. She comes to you in her original box with her wrist tag, COA, and Brochure but is missing her rabbit. She has been displayed but seems to be in good condition. The inside of her brochure reads “Keisha is crafted of the finest bisque porcelain and has been exquisitely sculpted in the best traditions of fine collectibles. She is so well dressed that she could easily be going to Church or visiting a favorite relative. Her white, hand -tailored sailor dress is edged in navy blue piping and adorned with polka-dot bows. The full skirt and matching pantaloons are complemented by a smart hat also trimmed with a bow. Ms. Worrall, the artist, has designed an outfit which contrasts perfectly both with the doll’s warm skin tone and the bright red bow of her fuzzy friend, Mr. Rabbit. ( Mr. Rabbit is missing). Keisha was first produced in an edition for the European doll market, under the name Camera Shy Chloe. It was the first ever black doll to be exclusively commissioned by the Galleries in the UK Renamed Keisha to avoid confusion with another Ashton Drake doll in the us with the name Chloe, this edition is offered exclusively to clients of the Ashton Drake Galleries”.


Price $19.99

Sharing A Good Time
Aston Drake

Sharing A Good Time is an original issue from the McDonald’s ’N Me Series by Dianna Effner for Ashton Drake‘s 1996 collection. This precious happy little girl has a porcelain head, arms, and legs on a soft cloth jointed body. She has platinum blonde wavy hair with a little top knot tied in a hot pink satin ribbon. She is wearing a hot pink footed onsie that is trimmed in white lace and little buttons on the front with the trademark arches in gold. She comes to you with her little friend Grimace. She has been displayed but is in very good condition.


Price $14.99 Sold


Sleeping Indian Baby on Rabbit Skin

This sweet little porcelain Indian Baby is sound asleep on her rabbit skin.  She is a tiny little thing at about 6 inches.  She is made in the little wicker like basket so that she can be hung on the wall if desired.

Price $14.99

Golden Keepsake Dolls


Augusta is a beautiful porcelain lady doll made by Heirloom Edition of the Golden Keepsakes dolls. She is number 231 from a Limited Edition of 2500. She is wearing a lovely sage green and cream satin dress with lots of lace and trim. She caries her umbrella. Augusta has auburn hair and green eyes with long luscious eyelashes. She is about 17 inches tall and has a porcelain head, shoulder plate, ½ length arms and legs on a cloth body. She is lovely and comes to you new in her original box with her COA and wrist tag.

Price $15.99


Musical Christmas Googlie
House of Global Art

This little package of Christmas cheer is from the House of Global Art and is a musical porcelain doll. There is a key on her back and when wound, she plays “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. She is about 12 inches tall with a porcelain head and ½ length porcelain arms and legs on a cloth body. She has blonde curly hair and brown eyes and is made to look like the popular Googlie doll. She is wearing a very festive outfit of white cotton with a red and green holly print. She has white pantaloons (elastic is loose) and white socks under black Mary Janes. She is very cute!

Price $14.99


Girl on Trike with Bear

This very active little cutie comes to you with her trike, as well as her little bear! She is about 15 inches tall with blue eyes and long braided auburn hair that has been pulled up and tied with satin ribbons. She has a porcelain head and ¼ length porcelain arms and legs on a tightly stuffed cloth body. She is wearing denim overalls with a pink heart embroidered at the bodice over a pink long sleeved knit shirt. She has white socks and pink and white sneakers. Her little bear friend is wearing a matching denim jumper that also has the embroidered heart at the bodice. The basket on her bike is full of flowers, she must be on the way to see Grandma!



Price $34.99




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